Catherine Lacy

تولد: 1950/10/12 (1329/07/20)
تاریخ فوت: 2016/09/27 (1395/07/06)
با خرید قانونی و شرعی فیلم‌های ایرانی، علاوه بر حمایت از تولید ملی می‌توانید در ادامه حیات صنعت تولید فیلم و سریال ایرانی نیز سهمی داشته باشید. علاوه بر این،‌ با دانلود آثار آن‌ها را همیشه در رایانه خود ذخیره خواهید داشت و دیگر نگران گم شدن DVD‌ فیلم‌ها نخواهید بود :)
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Catherine Lacy received critical acclaim as a "feverish conspirator" from Playboy Magazine and was noted as "drawing the bigger laughs as a fickle housewife" from the New York Times She has continued to garnish Critical acclaim as a steamy, quirky, and offbeat, sidekick in numerous Theatre and film reviews. Catherine Lacy is of Choctaw Heritage from Oklahoma, but left her fathers side of the family there to be raised in Las Vegas, Nevada by her mothers side and 85 relatives. After growing up in the city of lights and showbiz, Catherine Lacy was cast in the infamous "Tom Jones" lounge show where she was pick up by Joseph Chaikins "Open Theatre" to appear in Zabriskie Point with Director Michelangelo Antonio. Knowing she was destined for an acting career, her professor from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, arranged her initial introduction to a world leader in the Arts. Julliard. Lacy established herself as a resident of The Big City at the Barbizon Hotel for Women. where she was quoted as saying, "if it's good enough for Sylvia Plath, it's good enough for me." Having worked with some Star-Studded Actors such as Mickey Rourke in "Tobacco Road" to the Pulitzer Prize winning writer, Charles Gordone. He cast and directed her in the National Tour of "No place to be Somebody" then subsequently "Golden Boy" where she won critical acclaim on the cover of the "Arts and Leisure Section" of the New York Times. She was then applauded for a two One-Act run with Michael Nader, call Adam and Eve and "Full Moon and High Tide in the Ladies Room" with Ellen Barkin. Cementing her theatrical family in New York for fifteen years she became a lifetime member of the Ensemble Studio Theatre, where she performed in over twenty plays, most unforgettably being "Lifeboat Drill" directed by Curt Dempster. Other notable credits include the premiere of "Goose and Tom Tom" with Oscar winning, Christine Lahti, "Abduction" with the late Golder Globe winner, Gregory Rosakis. "Groove Tube" with Chevy Chase and "You Can't Hurry Love" with Charles Grodin and Sally Kellerman. She also appeared in episodes on "The Drew Carey Show" and was an Original cast member of "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas at the Actors Studio. Now, also being a member of the Ensemble Studio Theatre in Los Angeles, she has been cast in their popular series called "True Story" which premieres August 9, at 7:30. Not to mention her professors from Julliard, she continued her studies over the years with legends from Stella Adler, Michael Howard to Uta Hagen, and is now completing her MFA in Playwriting. If that's not enough, Lacy is in pre-production for a new Web Series and a Feature Film. The Web Series is called, "Odes;" in which, Lacy is a moderator, and producer for the series. The launch of the first episode is tentatively set for the Fall of 2015. Stay tuned for "Odes" on The feature is a film version of the play that she did called "Full Moon and High Tide in the Ladies Room" which is written and directed by Marcia Haufrecht. This film goes into production early 2016 with a release date later the same year.
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