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Michael McGlone، بازیگر سینما و تلویزیون، در آثاری همچون فیلم سینمایی «شکارچی استخوان»، فیلم سینمایی «She's the One» و فیلم سینمایی «The Fitzgerald Family Christmas» فعالیت داشته است.
تولد: 1972/08/10 (1351/05/19)
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با خرید قانونی و شرعی فیلم‌های ایرانی، علاوه بر حمایت از تولید ملی می‌توانید در ادامه حیات صنعت تولید فیلم و سریال ایرانی نیز سهمی داشته باشید. علاوه بر این،‌ با دانلود آثار آن‌ها را همیشه در رایانه خود ذخیره خواهید داشت و دیگر نگران گم شدن DVD‌ فیلم‌ها نخواهید بود :)
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Michael McGlone is an actor, writer, singer/songwriter and performer.Michael McGlone began his career on the screen with a critically-acclaimed performance in the 1995 Sundance Film Festival Best Film Award Winner, The Brothers McMullen (1995). Other film credits include She's the One (1996) with Jennifer Aniston, One Tough Cop (1998), The Bone Collector (1999) with Denzel Washington, Dinner Rush (2000) with Danny Aiello, and Paramount Pictures' Hard Ball (2001).Television credits include Starz's dramatic series, Crash (2008), (starring Dennis Hopper and Eric Roberts) on which McGlone plays a gangster/entrepreneur who comes on the scene in Season 2 to blackmail one of his debtors' girlfriends, played to exception by Moran Atias. From there forward, the story-line unfolds in, literally, explosive ways.The second season of Crash (2008) is available on DVD as is another McGlone series, The Kill Point (2007).Made for SpikeTV, "The Kill Point" was the first original dramatic series ever to be produced for the network. Set in Pittsburgh, Pa. and centered on a hostage negotiation in the Iron City's historic Market Square, the fast-paced, character-driven drama, also stars Donnie Wahlberg and John Leguizamo. McGlone plays "Deputy Police Chief Nolan Abrami", Wahlberg the hostage negotiator "Horst Cali", and Leguizamo the leader of the hostage takers, "Jake Mendez".Michael McGlone was the first non-comedian to perform as part of the Comedy Covers Series, of the Breuer Unleashed Sirius Satellite Radio Show. Hosted by Jim Breuer and Pete Correale, the highly-unique format brings comics to the stage to perform the works of other comedians, either as themselves, or some celebrity. As part of the most recent event, McGlone performed the comedy of George Carlin...as Christopher Walken.As a voice-over artist, Michael has narrated such famed programs as TLC's Trauma: Life in the E.R. (1997), Court TV's I, Detective (2001), and The History Channel series, Dead Reckoning (2002), and the hugely successful Biography Channel Series, Mobsters (1997).In the Summer of 2008, McGlone returned to the stage, at The Samuel Beckett Theatre, in Cassandra Medley's critically-acclaimed "Noon Day Sun".A prolific writer, Michael McGlone is the author of five novels: CAL, "And All the Roses Dying...", Dice, Hourigan's Song and The Soft Drive...as well as several volumes of verse and short stories...Excerpts of all forms, in addition to select readings are available on the Literature page of his website MichaelMcGlone.com Regarding Michael's Music, his latest single, Move and Remember, is now available across the web...as are his first two records, HERO and To Be Down. His third album Speed is finished but for its mastering, while his fourth (as yet untitled) approaches completion. This record, which includes, in Michael McGlone's own words, "The finest productions of my Music, yet..." will feature such original songs as The Answer, Here, Beautiful Starlight and A place in Love...as well as three covers, Broken Arrow, This Year's Love and Knockin' on Heaven's Door. Among the reviews of his Music, one has concluded, "The world needs more songs like Hero, and more songwriters like Michael McGlone."In 2012, McGlone made his third feature film with Edward Burns, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas (2012), which premiered at The Toronto Film Festival this Fall and enjoyed a Holiday release, later that year.2012 also saw McGlone's return to CBS's hit show, Person of Interest (2011), in Season 2 as "Detective Szymanksi", as well as a much awaited special guest star appearance on USA's Psych (2006).The release of his latest feature film, Blind Pass (2015), is eagerly awaited.
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